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That is the best reaction ever.

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Destiny’s Child | Brown Eyes

Raye’s Outdoors Mix

Once upon a time one way I use to expand my musical horizons was by visiting the local library and borrowing out a crapload of their cds. Granted some of them were pretty horrible but there were many bands/artists I discovered thanks to Brimbank Library.

It must have been 2002 (Year 8) when my cousin told me to download this song from Destiny’s Child. She said it sounded alot like a Chinese love song we would have listened to during our childhood which I actually agree with.

Sadly, I was stuck with my rather slow 56k internet connection, the next best option was to grab ahold of the album at the library… if they had it. Luckily Deer Park did (I can still remember that exact moment when I picked it up), loaned it out and listened to it on my comp. Besides the singles released, this is the only song I genuinely remember from this album.

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J. Holiday - Forever Ain’t Enough

Even if we fight over little things, we can still make it better. ❤️👌

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